North End / One Red Door

It may seem like I go out to eat a lot, but tonight happened to date night for me and the missus, so we went to someplace special. North End in Hudson has been the go-to place for us for years. It’s a little pricey ($50-$100/couple) for some, and I can understand that, but if you want to impress your someone special, you cannot go wrong with North End.

It’s a very unassuming place right on Route 91, but they know their wine. Wes Cowie, the main buyer/taster, can hone on your particular taste within three tries. (He knows so well, it only takes him one try).

Tonight, I started with the Calamari. It has a little more substance and garlic than your normal squid appetizer. Served with a fresh house-made marinara, it makes for a good start if shared.

My entree was the Osso Bucco, a veal shank that comes right off the bone, served with a saffron risotto, brussels sprouts, and root vegetables in a hearty demi-glace. The more adventurous eater can pull out the marrow from the bone and nosh on that, but be warned, it is an acquired taste. The dish was full of flavorful fats and a rich earthiness that paired well with our Ortman Cuvee Eddy SLO County 2007. A definite treat.

Dessert was saved for One Red Door. The missus got the peanut butter banana selection. Not being a heavy dessert person, I enjoyed it. It had a airy quality that did not overwhelm. Mine was a simple selection of one scoop each of chocolate, pistachio, and fig ice creams. The fig was, by far, the best choice. Paired with the Quinta do Nova Ruby Port, it was a good end to the day.


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