Road Trip: Wheeling, West Virginia – Part 2

After spending the day at nearby Oglebay Resort ($16/person for a near full-access pass), we were quite ready for dinner at Figaretti’s. The website looks like something from the late 90’s, but the menu was still enticing.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is a bit on the small side, so when we showed up at 6:30ish, it was already packed. The servers, however, were very quick and we got seated within 20 minutes or so. The décor is exactly what you would expect for a family-owned Italian restaurant—plenty of stained glass grape bunches and Sinatra on the radio.

The menu touted their homemade pasta sauces and salad dressing (you can actually buy it in bulk). The starter bread and dipping sauce was a mélange of everything Italy—a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, roasted garlic cloves, and shredded Parmesan. The balsamic was slightly aged so it helped out the concoction. They earned mucho bonus points for bring a proper number of bread slices for the table. One of my pet peeves (albeit a low-level peeve) is when restaurants bring an odd number of items for table with an even amount of people. For the two of us, they brought four sizable slices of Italian bread…and there was much rejoicing.

Because the missus can never get too much potato in a day, she went with the Stuffed Asiago Cheese Gnocchi and I decided on the Wild Mushroom Ravioli (in a red basil pesto sauce). Both came with a salad and we opted for the homemade Italian dressing. It was delightful, with a good amount of vinegar to punch up a rather commonplace salad. Our meals were also very enjoyable. The gnocchi was light and fluffy, and the cheese stuffing was not too grainy. My ravioli was rich and earthy; you could tell that there were whole mushrooms in them. The sauce was a good balance of herbiness and tomato sweetness.

We were just about done when a server walked by with a tray of desserts of another table, and once my wife got a look at the spumoni, I knew we were staying for dessert. It was worth it. For four dollars, you get a good sized bowl of tri-flavor ice cream that two people can comfortably share. I would absolutely come here again. Before tip, the meal came to just about $38. Not bad for a shot-in-the-dark pick.


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