San Diego Vacation: Chocolat Gaslamp

Hello, folks!

It’s been a bit since we’ve chatted, but preparations for my vacation to San Diego have squelched any culinary inventiveness of late (it’s been a lot of grilled cheese and easy dinners at the homestead).

But now, I’ve arrived at my Shangri-La.

Ever since honeymooning in Napa Valley two years ago, I have found California to be my dream spot. Even the most cynical of folk can still appreciate the salty sea air, the open markets, and the ubiquitous sunny skies.

Today begins day one of my vacation.

After a little morning exploring, the missus found a great spot to stop for coffee and breakfast — Chocolat Gaslamp.

Chocolat offered a delightful selection of crepes, coffees, and other assorted breakfast items. My Mocha Latte helped to shake off the combination of jetlag and neck cramps from the 8 hours of flying. Watching the various local folk jetting around town from the outdoor table almost makes you feel like a native.

While the missus enjoy her hot egg, ham, cheese croissant, I had my first bite of San Diego — a trio of toasts and toppings. For the first time in a long time, I actually dug the marmalade (I’m not a fruit guy). The balance of bright fresh orange and earthy undertones made my morning.

Then came my crepe, which was expecting to a be much smaller. After years of butter and cheese dinners, I’ve managed to lose quite a bit of excess baggage around the midsection this year. This trip will with any luck forestall my progress. But I’m on vacation and walking everywhere, so bring on the cheesy goodness!

The ham, egg, and cheese crepe was a good combination of pillowy and salty (which made my coffee that much better). Unfortunately, I was only able to eat half of it. I hope the staff didn’t think I didn’t enjoy it. I did. For only $14 (crepe + coffee), it was a brilliant start to our trip.





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