San Diego Vacation: Cafe 222 Times Two

So, on Thursday, after dropping off the missus at her conference, I stumbled to find a good cup of coffee. Through a window on Island Avenue, there was a wonderful sight – somebody making fresh biscuits.

It doesn’t take much to convince me to eat some place, and a fresh-made biscuit makes for an easy sell. Café 222 is a smallish place, decorated with teacup and spoon chandeliers, but the service is fast and the prices decent.

Apparently, they go through batches and batches of biscuits every day because they just kept making them. A look at the menu revealed them to be white cheddar and chive biscuits. That said, I knew I had to get the biscuits and gravy. Much like I’m a carbonara fan, I enjoy sampling biscuits and gravy at whatever breakfast place we end up at.

The gravy here is a good combination of sausage and pepper and not at all floury. The way they cook the biscuits gives it good texture as well. Instead of baking and splitting them, the raw biscuit is placed on the griddle top and fried for a delicious crispy top (which then gets smothered in gravy).

After hearing my tales of tastiness, the missus decided to give the biscuits a go. So, this morning, we went back. This time, I tried the Huevos Rancheros. An over-medium egg atop corn tortillas served with fresh refried beans and potato hash. While the egg was part quite good, the beans, astonishingly, were the best part. There is an absolute difference between frijoles in a can and fresh, pork-seasoned, slow-cooked and mashed pinto beans.

For about $16 a person, this was an excellent place to revisit.


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