San Diego Vacation: The Hopping Pig

Technically I’m back in West Virginia, but there’s a few more places I wanted to tell you about from my trip to San Diego. Today’s write-up is from a place we decided to revisit after trying it the first time.

Tucked among all the eateries in the Gaslamp District is The Hopping Pig. They just got a new chef and new menu, so we decided to check it out. It was actually on the schedule but I wasn’t too sure about how the missus would like it. While I’m a fan of all things piggy, the suggestion can be hit or miss for other folks.

The first thing up were the corn dogs. Small house-made pork sausages enrobed with a cornmeal beer batter were an excellent small bite to share and start each meal (we had them twice).

On the first night, I tried the Volcano Osso Buco. The meal dripped right off the bone. It was served with a Chianti reduction, sauteed veggies and creamy mashed potatoes. I hadn’t had a pork shank in a long time, and the wait was well worth it. The missus had their Hopping Pig Burger (sorry—no pic).

The next time, I decided to indulge in their special gnocchi. Every so often, they change up the pasta. This night’s gnocchi had Parmesan cream, bacon, and tomatoes. The odd part of the dish was that the pasta seemed to be deep-fried in pork fat. Not a bad idea, but when you’re expecting fluffy gnocchi, it was, at first, a bit off-putting. You get used to it, though. The thick, porky exterior serves as a nice contrast to the creamy toppings.

Then, dessert. A sandwich consisting of two chocolate bacon cookies around peanut butter ice cream. Delicious.

If you’re in the mood for some porky delight and in Southern California, this should be your first stop.


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