About the Cheese

Let’s start with a few basics. My name is Gerard Nielsen. I live in West Virginia (for now).

Why Salad Cheese?

When I was a youngster, I had an insatiable appetite for all things cheese. My father would come home with blocks of cheese, ostensibly for dinner. I would find them in the fridge, calling to me. I would gnaw off the corners in a frenzy of delight, and then promptly place the block back in the fridge, with the bite marks towards the back, gleeful in my diabolical genius.

I once, as a three-year-old, ate an entire 64-pack of individually wrapped American cheese slices and tried in vain to blame it on my newborn sister. It didn’t work.

In order to get me to eat foods that (at the time) seemed foreign to me, my parents would call them “cheese”. Salad dressing, in its many 1980s forms, became “salad cheese”. And I devoured it with gusto.

That started my journey into food. And I have been eating ever since.

What will you find here?

Hopefully, there will be a panoply of recipes. Simple ones. I don’t do anything too fancy, but I try new things. I can make a mean pasta, though.

My style and philosophy

I write in a mildly staccato style. That’s just how I roll.

99% of the time, I shop at the local grocery store–Kroger. No butcher shop, no specialty markets, just the grocery store. I believe a person can find an incredibly tasty meal at the grocery store. It’s getting an undue amount of short shrift these days, maligned into WalMart status. I’m probably not going to change that, but I can try.

Contact the Cheese

NielsenGW [at] gmail [dot] com

Other Writing

I also keep a book blog over at Lifelong Dewey. I’m also trying to read one book in every Dewey Decimal section. Come check it out if you’re interested.


3 Responses to About the Cheese

  1. Mom says:

    What’s for dinner at the SA location? Two words- Humboldt Fog…and baguette. That’s actually 4 words- but you know what I mean.

  2. Hi Gerard, thanks for signing up for my blog, It’s hopefully food for the soul rather than the cooking variety. What is it about cheese that seems to get people so addicted? Especially young guys on a limited budget? Hmmmm

  3. The librarian me says somewhere in the 641.37 area? I say all cheese is good cheese, but in our house camembert and brie are ‘bad cheese’ – a failed effort to make the kids think it would taste bad (and therefore we wouldn’t need to share)… Just discovered your blog but enjoying!

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