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Open-Face Bacon Marsala Burgers

Trust me on this, you need the fresh lemon juice. It makes the dish by brightening up the bacon. Trust me, the bacon gets brighter. OPEN-FACE BACON MARSALA BURGERS Advertisements

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Juicy Lucy

After last night’s debaucle, we decided to go old school American. Juicy Lucys are an invention of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Up there, the burgers go by the misspelled moniker “Jucy Lucy.” It’s basically an up-sized hamburger patty with … Continue reading

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Buffalo Burgers with Balsamic Ketchup

There’s burgers and fries, and then there’s BURGERS AND FRIES. We decided that every part of this meal had to be home-made, right down to the ketchup. So, we did just that.

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Turkey Onion Burgers

Once the winter has faded away, the missus and I devote our Sundays to new and interesting burger recipes. In doing so, we tend to run out of beef burger variation and have to move on to more modern and … Continue reading

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Beef Burgers with Ancho Ginger Sauce

Last night: “What do you want for dinner tomorrow?” (says I) “I want bad-ass burgers.” (says she) “Done.” [Note: This recipe modified from one found on Delish: here.] BEEF BURGERS WITH ANCHO GINGER SAUCE

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